How often do we put food into our mouths without considering where it has come from and what it is communicating to our bodies beyond the nutritious value?


Most food items have travelled from far, have been handled, manipulated and processed since their soil or flesh origin. Little thought is given in most cases to the information that food contains and its more subtle transmission to the body.


An animal that has lived in appalling conditions, has suffered and been fed with unhealthy fodder will carry this vibration within its tissues in the same way that a grain that has been genetically modified, heavily treated with pesticides and refined. All living organisms have cellular memory that contains information concerning the quality of the life experience. This is information that we also consume and in some way we become imbibed with this so that the undesired effects on our health are a reflection at a vibratory level as well as the more evident chemical reality.


If we consciously inform ourselves about the origin of the food we eat and we are sensitive to the experience that all types of food items are subject to from their origin to their arrival on our plate we may easily become disheartened or opt to become radical organic self-sufficient vegans.


Once we have informed ourselves and we are conscious of what we eat at this level, it is important to make a shift to a new comfort zone in order to avoid cognitive dissonance.


Not all of us have the opportunity to control fully what we eat – to grow our own food with love and appreciation is not an option for many. Although there are a growing number of cooperatives and organic foods available to us, some people simply cannot afford to buy the more expensive organic options.


I have a friend who was hospitalized for a long time and was battling with doctors who obliged her to eat hospital food, which was of a poor quality, overcooked and prana-less. What came to me so clearly is that in her situation eating that food while rejecting it internally would only harm her further, whilst blessing the food before eating was a means of transforming an apparently dead dish in something potentially healing.


We have heard about the power of placing positive intention on water with the beautiful experiments by Masaru Emoto. Given that all food is essentially comprised of water, it is easily charged with intention. Other studies have confirmed the power of clear and faithful positive intention.

The blessing of food is a practice that ancestors have practiced from a religious viewpoint. Many times a practice that is done as a ritual without deeper understanding and genuine personal intention fails to have the same potential power, there is a need for genuine intention and spontaneous connexion.


The suggestion here is that regardless of your personal choice regarding what you prepare, handle the food you prepare with love and gratitude, transform and heal the process that the fruit/veg/flesh has passed through with your intention to reconnect it with its pure origin (awaken the ancestor within the genetically modified wheat, for example). Once the food is prepared take a moment of silence and reflection before relishing the flavours. During this moment of silence you can also bring your intention to blessing, or charging the food with what for you personally is the highest possible vibration.


In Nayana Yoga we use a blessing technique or at other moments a Vedic mantra which is an ancient invocation for blessing food that feeds the body, in order to support personal and spiritual evolution.


Transform matter with mind

Lift your vibration

Shine your light


With love, Harmony