Perfection in yoga practice is often measured by the perception of how one wishes to appear on the outside. However the state of perfection is being at one with one’s self on the inside. It is when this state arises that perfection shines forth and is also appreciated from the outside.


       Move from without to within to discover that both pertain to one continuum.


Retreat from the search to reach an imagined ideal of perfection or one that is sustained by a collective suggestion. Reach towards a inward perception.

Close your eyes during the practice and draw your attention into the innermost core of your being.

Be quiet and abandon any preconceived ideas.

Feel yourself and let go of all tension.

Allow yourself to release and discover freedom within, where feeling transcends body awareness and one arrives to a space of recognition of the perfection of being.

The discovery of this state is now, don´t delay the discovery of your perfection.


These words came after a class where a person came to try the class for the first time and even before the class began expressed her inability to attain perfection in the postures … I thank each being for what they bring to class. Growing into understanding is a collective process. Let us all remember that any doubt is a mental suggestion setting us up for failure. Release and shine.

Om shanti, Harmony